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Rima Kamra, Founder of Lady The F up

“I have devoted my life to creating a formula that works to coach women to reach their highest potential, both physically and mentally”.

Rima Kamra is the co-founder and head coach of Lady The F Up which is the largest coaching platform for women in the world. Rima has dedicated her life to creating, building and mastering coaching for women. As a mother, she knows the challenges that come along with achieving the body and strength that every woman is capable of; in fact, Rima was never in shape prior to her 30’s until after she became a mother. 

The solution to your problem is not finding a diet that works for you, but rather having a coach that understands you, your lifestyle, your goals, your daily challenges and creates a program that allows you to stay on track and motivated with the least resistance possible.

Coaching is the solution; at LadyTheFup we help you connect the dots between where you are, and where you want to be through our coaching, programming, community of like-minded woman, support and many other tools and resources that we provide.