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to discover how we've helped thousands of women finally crack the code to their

We have helped women that have struggled for 20+ years in just a few short months. 

How you ask??

Great question!!

In fact, “diets” don’t work!!

Crazy right??

Weight loss isn’t as simple as eating less and doing more cardio– at some point that formula stops working and that’s usually when women come to us.

We put an end to the life long weight loss struggle for women just like you…


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• The 4 needs that must be met in order to achieve permanent fat loss!

• The reason most women will never lose weight and keep the weight off!

• Optimizing gut health leads to accelerated fat loss.

• How working on your metabolism leads to long-lasting results!

• How to finally put an end to the endless amounts of cardio and low caloric diets that aren't realistic!

• and much more

Who is LadyTheFup to make such a promise

We are a results-driven company that has helped thousands of women drop stubborn body fat and keep it off forever.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits all approach when it comes to fat loss.

In fact, that is why most women have a life long struggle with fat loss. 

They try methods, formulas, diets, programs that aren’t tailored to their individual needs.

We get to the root of your problem, and in most cases it’s a hormonal issue that is limiting your ability to lose fat.

However, hormones are greatly influenced by diet, training style and a plethora of other variables!

THAT is why these two things are super-important when it comes to fat loss forever…

  1. The type and amount of food you eat needs to be specific and tailored to you, your needs, your lifestyle and optimizing your hormones.

If you eat too little, your hormones work against you. 

Your body perceives this as a threat to survival.

It begins to think you are starving and as a result will shut down all metabolic functions. 

Your body becomes an efficient machine, which is the WORST thing for fat loss!

An efficient body burns less calories, and less fat. Your body begins to preserve what it has because it doesn’t know when it will get the next batch of food. 

This happens when calories are too low. 

I am sure you have experienced this.

You follow a diet, see and feel amazing changes for the first bit then suddenly all fat loss HALTS!

That is because your body adapted and  caught up, making fat loss next to impossible.

The amount of food our clients eat are exactly what you need from a hormonal standpoint, which is why fat loss feels EFFORTLESS when you work with us!

      2. How you eat and workout must change frequently!

If you follow the same program for long periods of time, you will never achieve the results you want.

As your body changes, what your body needs changes. The amount of food, training and rest changes. 

This adaptation phenomenon is normal, which is why coaching is the key to your problem. 

We constantly change, alter and modify your programming so that you never hit a sticking point!

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